Stop littering and keep Honiara clean: HCC      

By Ezekiel Talatau          

LITTERING ordinance has been enforced since 2009 but lack serious action, it is reported.

Honiara City Council (HCC) health inspector Mr George Titiulu on Wednesday explains that there are two types of littering – major and minor.

Major littering is rubbish that are bigger than the drum height, which Titiulu says is an offence.

Minor littering involves throwing rubbish from a vehicle or seven metres from one’s boundary.

Titiulu said under the littering ordinance, major littering charge fee is $10,000 and minor littering is $1000.

Titiulu shares that on May 31 this year he caught a person littering by throwing a cigarette butt onto the ground, and he fined him on the spot.

He asks the public to take extra care when throwing rubbish because if HCC staff manage to catch anyone in the public littering they will take action.

“Friends of the City is doing well in cleaning up our city for the past few days and we citizens should be responsible in looking after our city. Such activities will also contribute in creating a better environment as well as it will help us reducing plastic waste in around Honiara.”

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