State of Children’s park

Dear Editor,

AS a concerned mother who usually take my children to children’s park and a concerned citizen I urge Relevant Authorities to improve the Children’s park so that it will be a safe place where children can go and enjoy.

The state of our Children’s park is not safe and conducive for our children to play in .The swings and see-saw are not safe for children to play on as parts are about to fall apart. This is very dangerous. In addition adults are using it as a meeting place where they enjoy their time there smoking, chewing betel nut and sitting on the benches the whole day taking up the space from kids. It is a place where the kids also have their lunch and where parents also sit down to watch their children play.

The Parks playing equipment needs to be fixed or even replaced. The ground around the playing equipment’s should be covered with sand so that it would be safer for the children if they happen to fall over. The park should be a smoke free and betel nut free zone where anyone caught should be penalized.

I urge relevant authorities to improve the Children’s park as it is one out of two parks where our children love to play. I also urge good citizens to be considerate when using the park and think about our children.

Velisia Lehe

USP Student

Solomon Island Campus

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