St Luke Gizo parish celebrates Easter



PARISHIONERS of Saint Luke Anglican Church in Gizo yesterday came together in worship to commemorate Easter – the church’s tradition to remember the resurrection of Christ.

Church-goers from nearby communities also joined the worship which was held at St Luke Chapel.

Yesterday’s event was extra special as parishioners bid goodbye to one of the church’s long serving committee member Timothy Amalo who had served the church for more than 40 years.

St Luke Sunday school performed their action chorus for the guest and visitors

In his sermon Parish Priest Eric Kolae said Easter is a glorious day in the church calendar as believers celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

He told those present that the day marks a new life for all Christians.

St Luke Parish Priest Father Eric Kolae delivers his speech
Chairlady of St Luke Parish Ileen Ziudanga delivers her speech

“Today we mark the day called Easter in our Church Calendar and I call on us to reflect this event not as a history but also believe and follow the teaching of repent and forgiveness,” Kolae said.

“We must find strength in God to be a new person clean from sins and also affirm our faith in Christ,” he added.

Kolae calls on parishioners to continue serving God with the different expertise that they have been gifted with.

In his speech to farewell Amalo, he said Amalo is one of the founding fathers of St Luke Church and the Church acknowledges his service.

Kolae described Amalo as the surviving pioneers of the church through thick and thin days.

Interim Committee Member Jeddy and Ileen standing behind outgoing Committee member Mr Amalo (sitting)

“On behalf of the Church, I acknowledged your service that you rendered towards the church over the past years,” he said.

He calls on parishioner to work together in church programmes both in and out of the church.

The event ends with feasting.

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