St Joseph’s scholars told to be educators of the 21st century.

Schools across the country were affected by the recent COVID-19 Outbreak in the country.
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St Joseph Tenaru School principal Abraham Hihiru calls on former and current students to become educators of the 21st century that would communicate meaning and transforms society.

He made the call during the school’s opening of its three-day 75th Anniversary yesterday.

Hihiru said today, the responsibilities to educate and build the nation falls on the shoulders of former scholars and current students.

“St Joseph’s is calling on all of you today to become educators of the 21st century,” Hihiru said.

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“The invitation for you to become an educator does not require you to step into the classroom,” he added.

“No, by the vesture of your vocation, you are called to become educators in your own field of expertise.”

Hihiru said some were called to become lawyers, doctors, accountants, politicians, engineers, bankers, priests, pastors, managers, scholars or parents but the question is how do each one lives up to as educators of the 21st century.

He said the answer to this question lies very much on how well each one leads their vacation in discharging their duties and responsibilities in ways that would communicate meaning and transforms society.

“To me this is what it means to be an educator in the 21st century.

“Hence, I would like to argue that in every context we find ourselves in, we are either building a nation or destroying a country,” he said.

Hihiru said as St Joseph’s celebrates its 75th Anniversary, the school has provided equal opportunities for Solomon Islanders to access quality education.

He said St Joseph is the only Catholic National Secondary school in the country that provides 64 percent Catholic and 34 non-Catholic students while for teachers they have 50 percent Catholic and 50 Percent non-Catholics.

He said these statistics revealed that St Joseph’s is very much inter-denominational and ecumenical.

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In terms of academic, he said the school has continued to produce very good results reaching the 70-90 percent pass rate but that should not measure the greatness of the school.

He said the greatness of the school should be measured by positive changes taking place in society due to the work of former students.

“As former scholars of the schools, how much do we contribute in improving the living standards of the ordinary people in our community?”

He said in view of that he believes the school has achieved its objectives to continue educate and form leaders who are willing to offer their service in advancing the interest of the country.

He acknowledges the founders and pioneers of the school for building a strong foundation of the school for the last past 75 years.

He said without their visions those who attained their education at St Joseph’s would not be who there are today.

Hihiru also extends his acknowledgement to Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare for gracing their school’s 75th Anniversary and the government for continuous support to the school.