St John Dala School marks cultural day



ST John Dala Catholic Secondary School in West Kwara’ae held its 8th annual cultural festivity on Friday last week.

The school cultural event was celebrated with the theme, “Unity and diversity of cultures through singing and dancing”.

Chairman of the cultural festivity organising committee, Mr Lawrence Alufurai said the event ensures students learn, promote and showcase their cultural diversity.

“The aim of education is to help children to develop mentally, physically, morally, socially culturally and emotionally.

“The programme was part of it as we try to ensure students to learn on all these development aspects especially their cultures,” he said.

Student girls dancing in their traditional outfit.

Alufurai said the event is held annually and is a special day in which the school and its students showcase various cultural uniqueness they represent.

Guest of honour Fr James Anisia who was the administrator of the diocese of Malaita applauded the school for seeing the importance of culture and heritage.

He praised the initiative and assured the school to continue with the programme so that students going through the schools to learn and uphold their cultural identities.

On the same note, Anisia also appealed to parents of Dala School to set pride in their children by reminding them of their cultures.

He stressed that the kids won’t know their cultures if parents don’t take time to teach their children.

The day gathered more than 500 students of Dala secondary school, the primary division, staffs, parents and supporters to witness the cultural festivity.

Students made up 10 cultural groups namely East Road dancers, Dala North, Fote, Kakara, Kwaisuliniu & Highlands, Dala South, Bubuitolo, Southerners, North Malaita and Polynesian dancers.

Kwaisuliniu and highland dancers presenting their cultural dance.
Fote boys presenting a cultural dance during the show on Friday last week.

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