South Road next month


MAINTENANCE work for Malaita’s South Road that connects Auki town to West Kwaio as far as Hauhui in West Are Are is set to begin next month.

This road maintenance is funded by Australia’s DFAT under the emergency road programme for Malaita province and will be carried out by Island Engineering company.

According to information received from the company yesterday, they are working on required paper work ahead of commencing the project.

The company said the road maintenance project will begin in Auki and stretch to the head-road at Hauhui, roughly around 80 kilometres.

“We will begin mobilizing machineries by now as we expect to begin the project next week,” they said.

“Considering the significant deteriorating condition of the road, they will see if they can meet the timeframe of the project.

“Thus, road-upgrade work in the province is not new to us and we hope to deliver the project within its given time,” they said.

The company called upon communities along South Road to support the upgrade of the road which has been in dire condition over the past months.

Also in the province, road upgrades are underway in certain segments of north and east roads connecting to Auki.

Work on the 17km road maintenance from Gwounaruu to Dala started months ago and is nearing completion.

The project is implemented by Exodus Trading company under the SIRAP programme which is funded by World Bank through the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) and Ministry of Communication Aviation (MCA).

Another project is in East Road, where a 21km road upgrade from Forcim Market to Kware is implementing by Trades Transformation Company Ltd.

The project is funded under the SIRAP program. Also, under the SIRAP programme, construction is underway on Kwa bridge and next will be Bio bridge in West Kwara’ae.

There are also number of bridges along south and north roads will be funded under the SIRAP next year.

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