SOSAI trains marginalised people on creative and innovative mindset


Ruby Lee of SOSAI

THE Sons of Solomon Islands Association International (SOSAI) has trained 33 men and one female on creative and innovative mindset.

They completed their two-day training on Friday last week.

SOSAI and Sustainable Entrepreneurial Training Service have awarded 33 men and one female coming from Henderson community, Borderline, Rover and Western province.

The participants were regarded as marginalised group, and their certificate awarded had given recognition to start own business and help other young people or elderly men in their respective communities.

One of the three facilitators, Dr Alison Hita who is specialised in entrepreneurship said looking at the participants coming from negative backgrounds, the training basically targets their mindset to explore their creativities.

She said many young people especially men have potential and such training is important to set their mind to become innovative and the right set of creativity techniques to become entrepreneurs.

Hita adds, the training challenge thinking process and learns techniques for men and young people to improve idea generation.

She said the training will enhance men’s focused mindset and skills for becoming entrepreneurship as well as stimulating mindset to create business concepts and finding new markets for innovative technology.

With the training, Hita said this is first level and they will still have follow-up trainings for the participants.

She said the outcome of the training was positive with participants have contribute constructively to come up with business ideas during group discussion at the course of the two-day.

SOSAI founder Ruby Lee said the training has really support the participants to explore their innovation and creativity and the two-day was resulted positively.

She said most of the participants are coming from different background such as fatherless, luck of education and drug and other substance abuse but now their mindset begins to change.

She advises young people in Solomon Islands saying, “We have many resources, and with having right mindset, we can utilise our resources for good cause and benefits of the country.”

Meanwhile, SOSAI has conducted training on business management and creative and innovative mindset was the second one for this year.

Last year, they conducted several trainings on leadership, business management and entrepreneurship basically targeting men and young men across Solomon Islands.

The two-day training was organised by SOSAI and facilitate by Dr Alison Hita, Dr Rex Maukera and Ruth Maukera from the Sustainable Entrepreneurial Training Service.

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