Former Honiara City Council Clerk Rence Sore. Photo: Charles Kadamana
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Claims council unfairly dismissed him


CONTROVERSIAL former Honiara City Council clerk, Rence Sore is waiting for three months for the High Court to make a ruling on a default judgement filed by his lawyer.

He is seeking up to $2.7 million from the council for claims he was unfairly dismissed.

Ron Law (Barrister, Solicitor and Commissioner for Oaths) filed an application in court last year following Sore’s termination by the council.

The Council’s new Executive led by Eddie Siapu terminated Sore’s contract in their full Assembly meeting in April 2021 because of his close association with former Mayor, Wilson Mamae and his involvement in many controversial issues.

Sore was accused of orchestrating the move for the Council to purchase the two containers of fire extinguishers from Jiangshan Anbao Firefighting Equipment from China.

The Council borrowed $1.8 million from a local Chinese businessman and appointed city councilor John Szetu to make the purchase.

In addition, Sore was accused of selling the council’s land to an Asian after he allegedly submitted fake minutes to the Commissioner of Lands for the transfer of the land.

Lawyer Ronald Dive said an application was served to the Council but it did not file its defence within time.

He said according to Civil Procedure rule, if Council don’t file within time, a default judgement could be filed.

“We filed a case for default judgement and argued in court last year already.

“The only thing we are waiting is for the decision of the High Court to make a ruling on the Default Judgement,” he said.

Dive said if the court grants the default judgement, then the Council has to pay around $2.7 million to Sore for his termination.

On other hand, Dive said if the court says no and refuse the default judgement, both parties will go for proper trail to determine the issue.