Solomon Islands urged to utilise APCC membership


DIRECTOR General of the Asia and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC), Dr Uron Salum calls on Solomon Islands to make use of its yearly membership with the organisation.

APCC has its Head Office in Jakarta, Indonesia, and Solomon Islands is a member.

Every year, the country pays a certain amount of US dollars for its membership fee.

Solomon Islands joins another nine Pacific Island countries.

Over the years, Solomon Islands has not fully utilised the opportunities available with the APCC, thus Salum calls for the country to start making use of its membership.

“I like to be lot of help to Solomon Islands that’s why I’m here and you do use your membership in APCC to get that help.”

Salum said Solomon Islands’ Ambassador to Jakarta is one of the opportunities to tap on as he knows very well about coconut now.

He said one of the reasons for visiting Solomon Islands especially coconut sectors both government and private is to motivate and influence leaders to actively make use of its membership with the APCC.

Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Mr Jimmi Saelea thanked Dr Salum for an impressive presentation which alerts coconut sectors in the country to better for Solomon Islands.

Saelea also said they will work closely with Ministry of Commerce including private sectors to raise the profile of coconut industry here.

Re-planting is one area they will look at and working collaboratively with donors and local farmers to address present issue of invasive rhino beetle which put coconut industry under threat here, PS Saelea said.


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