Solomon Islands in NCD crisis


Dr Jason Diau speaking during an exclusive interview on Wednesday

NON–communicable disease is a heavy burden on the health status of the country’s population. So much so that it is regarded as a crisis.

This is according to Dr Jason Diau, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer of Atoifi Adventists Hospital.

He said this issue needs to be seriously considered and quickly addressed, “hence we need timely debases detection and a comprehensive treatment plan are vital to maintain healthier and longer lives to prevent premature deaths from NCDs”.

Diau stressed that treating patients diagnosed with NCDs and experiencing severe symptoms puts an exponential burden on the country’s health system.

“Therefore I suggest two measures to undertake to prevent and control of non-communicable diseases which could be regarded as back to the basics and this are ensure daily physical exercise to be done and reduce salt and fat intake inside food,” he said.

He is pleased with the national government’s approach in tackling this issue in collaboration with health authorities and churches.

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