Where is Solomon Islands heading now?

DEAR Editor, after Solomon Islands gained independence in 1978 from the British, our leaders seem to take leadership for granted in terms of improving their wealth and not for indigenous Solomon Islanders.

It is irresponsible that our leaders to continue with the current system of having foreigners in the country, used as the advisors to pull the nose of the prominent leaders of Solomon Islands for their own interests and benefit.

The Australian Prime Minister, Mr John Howard in 2002, said to the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare when he blame him for the delay of 4 million loan from Asian board for the victims during the ethnic tension. Prime Minister John Howard on ABC Radio said to Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare “Your leaders asked for independence from United Kingdom and they gave you independence and now you looking after your country for being an independent country is not an easy thing or ride.”

If our government is from the Almighty God Jehovah, Sadday and Yaweh, the mighty God Emmanuel and the God the Holy Ghost, then we should do the right thing and not bow down to the crocodile and shark which are not the creator but enemies that should not be placed in upper houses like in the Prime Minister’s building and court building. Image blo Jesus Redeemer lelebet.

I quote, Isaiah 1:7 reads, “Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire. Strangers devour your lands in your presence. And it is desolate, as over thrown by the foreigners. The indigenous people of Solomon Islands have had enough of having their casted votes thrown in the air.

It is time the government seriously considers how MV Solomon Islands is navigating its destination or one day Solomon Islands will be a mockery to our other neighboring countries. Last but not the least, fools never learn and stupidity is not ignorance.

Oh Lord our God in ages past, our hope for years to come and our shelter in the time of storm, may you have mercy upon our captains who are navigating MV Solomon Islands. May the public join me in expressing what you see and feel about how our leaders are piloting this country. This country seems to be under the curse of the Almighty God Jehovah. It is understood that every year, budget made is for office rental costs and not for the development of this country.

Third world countries are the ones who help build and develop the first world countries and in return receive aid and funds from those countries. Be careful, do not be blinded, economic wise.

This country is named after the wisest King of Israel, King Solomon and what about the leaders of Solomon Islands? Are they also wise to steer this ship MV Solomon Islands to its next destination?

Where is this country heading? Is Solomon Islands moving towards wealth or poverty? Or our leaders more worried about becoming wealthy?

Jessie Bobby


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