Solomon Islands celebrates 45th years of independence


LAWSON Tama Stadium in Honiara was packed yesterday with thousands who have flocked witness the commemoration of Solomon Islands’ 45th year of independence.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare when delivering his independence remarks congratulated the country on its 45th Independence Anniversary. 

“Men and women, boys and girls across the country – from far-flung atolls in the East to the towering mountain in the West, pristine oceans in the South to the rugged interiors of the North. I bring you warm greetings and congratulations on our 45th Independence Anniversary.

“Today Solomon Islanders across our beloved nation are celebrating this significant occasion, commemorating the day we obtained our political independence,” Sogavare said.

Flag dancers displaying the 45th years of independence

“We are truly blessed and fortunate to enjoy and live in a peaceful country. We may not be where we want to be as a country but I thank Our Almighty Father in Heaven for his never ending love, guidance, protection and blessings.

“This country is a Christian country with strong conviction and faith, and it is in God that we put our faith in.

“I have faith in our country, our children and our future. We all want a resilient, peaceful and united Solomon Islands for our children and their children.

“It is our duty, not only as leaders but as parents to ensure that the country we leave to our children is one that is resilient, peaceful and united.

“In closing, let me once again wish you all a Happy 45th Anniversary celebration on behalf of the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement,” Sogavare said.

PM Sogavare, GG Sir David and Police Commissioner Mangau joined the crowd during the flag raising to mark the 45th independence anniversary.Photos by MAVIS PODOKOLO

He said it is by God’s grace and intervention that all people become one

“We are Solomon Islands because of God Almighty, the Creator of the Heaven and Earth, The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Sustainer of Life,” Sogavare said.

On the same note Honiara City Council City Mayor Eddie Siapu call on all resident of Honiara and Solomon Islands to take ownership of Honiara because Honiara City

“Let us look after the city that we can enjoy the services provided by the city all work of lives. The city council cannot do it alone we need public support.

Crowd sitting at the Lawson Tama grand stand that were part of the celebration

“To our donor partners and friends thank you for being part of our 45th independence anniversary celebration and thank you for finance and moral support you have all rendered throughout the years in the country,” Siapu said.

He also thanked Guadalcanal province and the national parliament for their ongoing support as well.

Micro Polly dancers showcasing their item.

“As we celebrate our 25th independence anniversary today (yesterday) let us continue to work together to fulfil the dreams of our forefathers, remembering the struggles and sacrifices they fought to give us this gift of sovereignty. Let us pay tribute to their wisdom and heart felt passion for us to become one nation and one people,” Siapu said.

The theme of the celebration reads“Rising above and overcoming our challenges as one people”

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