Solomon can learn from Taiwan’s Agricultural revolutionaries

Solomon Islands participants who currently in Taipei Taiwan
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Solomon Islands participants who currently in Taipei Taiwan

SOLOMON Islands can learn from Taiwan’s world-shattering agriculture to industrial economy.

Inspired by the session on Taiwan’s transition of development Mr Dennis Marita, Director for Culture Division of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said Solomon Islands can learn from Taiwan.

He said Taiwan’s journey to become a developed state started as an agriculture economy at the age of 40 which is similar to the current status of Solomon Islands.

Marita said Taiwan’s successful stories will give countries greater understanding of how Taiwan progress forward as a country and its transition from being a developing state to a developed state.

He said it is fascinating to learn how Taiwan transit from an agricultural state into an industrialize one and now into technologies. All this started simply from agriculture sector, Marita said.

Taiwan has transited from developing state to developed state only within 40 years.

Meanwhile, six Solomon Islanders are currently in Taiwan for 10 days with other young leaders across the Asia Pacific to learn about Taiwan’s politics and diplomacy and economic development.

Marita said it is a learning process for them with an opportunity to see what can be contributed towards development of Solomon Islands in their own respective areas.

“The biggest challenge is what our leaders think about this, we can take ideas and form policies but if our leaders don’t vision that kind of mindset or taken into consideration, these things will remains a challenge,” Maritia said.

“We cannot change the world on our own, we cannot change our country on our own or overnight but if we get those ideas and implement within our respective sectors then small changes can happen,” he said.

Participating in the 2018 Taiwan Study Camp for future leaders from the Asia Pacific, Marita said it is significant for its mental and intellectual growth to help them in their careers.

The trip for the 86 young leaders across the Asia Pacific was funded for by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This week is their final week but so far participants have been going through seminars, tours and sightseeing particularly to experience Taiwan’s political, cultural and modern technologies.