Solbrew celebrates 365 ‘days accident free’

SOLOMON Breweries Limited (SolBrew)says it recently celebrated 365 days without an accident, a key milestone for the brewery that prides itself in maintaining high quality products and standards in all aspects of its business.

SolBrew’s Supply Chain (SC) Manager Kuri Yuwai said:

“We always say at SolBrew that we want each and every one of us to return home to our families as we arrive each morning, whole and that is essentially what living and breathing safety every day at SolBrew means.”

Kicking off their day of celebration SolBrew staff were paired with colleagues from different departments to share experiences on the turning points in their lives that have made them more safety conscious, highlighting the importance of having a safety first mindset beyond the workplace.

“We really wanted to make the day meaningful for us at a personal level,” said Safety Manager Edward McPherson.

“Because an accident means so much more than a loss for the business, as we have heard from our story telling session, accidents can mean the loss of income for the family or worse the loss of a loved one,” he added.

SolBrew ended the day with food and great beers, employee Safety awards and a Safety quiz.

Winners of the Safety Wow Award for the months of April, May and June received certificates for safety initiatives or compliance while select staff also took the time to share with all staff their stories from their Safety Story Telling session.

Yuwai said getting to 365 days without an accident is a very important milestone for SolBrew.

“We are very proud of this moment and while we celebrate, it is also a reminder for us that we must continue to live and breathe safety every day, at work and at home.”

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