Sogavare reaches out to widowed market vendors

Madam Emmy presents a gift to one of widow
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MADAME Emmy Sogavare hosted a fellowship for widowed market vendors over the weekend.

The vendors are from the Honiara central market and other satellite markets around the city.

The prime minister’s wife encouraged the widows to always seek God amid the challenges they face in their vending businesses.

Group photo of widows with Madam Emmy

“Widows I want to encourage you to seek God every day in your life. Mothers pray for your children they are your gifts from God. I don’t know the pain and hardships you been through but I want you to seek first the kingdom of God and all these shall be added unto you, this is my Godly advice to you Godly advice.”

She presented gifts to the widows donated by the Peoples Republic of China.

She adds by thanking China for the donations.

Moreen Sariki, president of the Honiara Market Vendors Association, thanked Sogavare for recognising the difficulties women vendors face in their daily lives.

President of the HMVA Moreen Sariki

“We thank you madam for inviting us to your home. We are all here with broken hearts. No one can read the tears we share with you only God can,” Sariki said.

Irene Paia, one of the widows, shared how honoured they were to meet and have fellowship with the prime minister’s wife.

“We cannot change and repay what you do for us today. We prayer that God will bless your heart and your home Madam Sogavare,” Mrs Paia said. 

The fellowship was held over the weekend at Sogavare’s private residence at Tasahe, west Honiara .