Sogavare pays ‘homage’


PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare pay ‘homage’ to everyone in the country for patience and ongoing support to the work government is doing to protect Solomon Islands from Coronavirus (Covid-19), and to drive its economic engine.

The Prime Minster during his nationwide address yesterday said Covid-19 Pandemic has constrained the country, however, it has also inadvertently unified the nation to fight a ‘common enemy’.

Mr Sogavare salute all front-liners, Churches, members of the Media, and also pay tribute to all development partners and donors for their tremendous support in helping the government combat Covid-19 in Solomon Islands.

“As we prepare to celebrate the Birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, let us lift our Prayers of Praise and Thanksgiving to our Great God, who has been our Captain and our Guide throughout this year,” said Sogavare.

“He alone granted us all the knowledge and wisdom we needed, to push on, to persevere and to protect our people and our country from COVID-19.

“Let me once again pay homage, to all citizens of Solomon Islands, and to all those that live in this country, for your patience, and your ongoing support to the work the government has been doing to protect this country from COVID-19 and to drive its economic engine.

“I salute all our front-liners, for putting your lives on the line, as you protect our country. I salute and thank all your families, for the sacrifices they have been making in allowing you to serve the people of our country.

“To our churches, thank you for uplifting the hopes of our people through your continued prayers, praise, and worship.

“To members of the media, thank you for disseminating the voices and the messages from the churches, the government and others that contributed to the fight against COVID-19 in Solomon Islands.

“Let me also pay tribute to all our development partners, and donors for your tremendous support in helping my government combat COVID-19 in Solomon Islands. Without your help, our fight against COVID-19 would have been found wanting.”

The Prime Minister also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the ‘Oversight Committee’ and thank members of the Cabinet and the Government Caucus for the political cohesion that has allowed their government to continue serve and protect the country and people.

“Let me pay tribute to a small group of people, now commonly known as the ‘Oversight Committee’ for your steadfast work to keep this nation on the front-foot in our fight against COVID-19. Your steadfast work, often in the face of negative criticisms, only strengthened your collective resolve to protect our country,” said Sogavare.

“To members of my Cabinet, and the Government Caucus, thank you for the political cohesion that has allowed our government to continue to serve and protect our country and our people. We have been put here by the Almighty God, to lead our nation, during these unprecedented and challenging times.

“To all our families, thank you for all your enduring support and prayers in our service to our nation.

“Fellow citizens, we must continue to seek God’s guidance, and protection, over our beloved country, and our people, during this festive season.”

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