Sogavare now caretaker prime minister


THE Opposition parliamentary group has won the motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, who is now the care taker prime minister of the country.

Vote on the motion received 27-23 in favour of Opposition after a hard fought debate between the two sides in parliament yesterday.

Mover of the Motion, Member of Parliament of North East Guadalcanal and Leader of Independent Group, Derek Sikua, said the mass resignation of members of parliament from the government that led to the motion demonstrates leaders’ lack of confidence on the leadership style adopted by the government.

Sikua outlined that inconsistency in government’s priority on national development, employment of Sogavare’s close friends to take up top jobs in the government with hefty salaries, lack of consultation with ministers prior to sacking and reshuffling of ministerial portfolios, ignoring advice from fellow ministers and his leadership style are some of the reasons that led to the staging of the motion.

Sikua told Parliament that the motion demonstrated democracy given the numerical strength has shifted to the opposition group.

He said the Democratic Coalition for Change Government has failed to achieve its national development programmes describing the failure as negligence of Government development priorities.

“Most of us are felt uncomfortable on the leadership precedency that has been demonstrated by the government,” Sikua said.

He said Solomon Islands needs good leaders who lead by good example and role models to represent national interests and the betterment of the country.

Sikua adds, Opposition has committed themselves to form a recognised position as a potential government.

“Each of us concerned MPs sitting in this side of the house are not taking this decision and cause of action out from proper consideration and reflection on what has happened to our country over the last three years under the leadership of the current (caretaker) Prime Minister,” he said.

Sikua emphasised that the interest of the people of Solomon Islands must be prioritised with fair consideration in the political arena.

He said the Opposition Parliament Group is not opposing the Anti-Corruption Bill but will throw their full support when the bill is tabled in parliament.

Countering the flood of accusations from Opposition, Member of Parliament for North East Guadalcanal Hon Peter Shanel Agovaka said there is nothing wrong with government policies.

He also told parliament that nothing is wrong with the government work programme and document.

Shanel stressed that all matters mentioned by the Opposition group are administration matters that should have been dealt with by Cabinet and Caucus.

He stressed that the ongoing political issues will do nothing positive for the country but hold the country at ransom.

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