Social Media users urged not to overcook posted materials online


SOCIAL media users in and outside of the country are being asked to be cautious and make careful considerations and judgements when posting materials, information and rumours, something the media describes as “here-say”, on social media.

This follows the recently posted incident regarding threats, which locals from the Philippines made to one of the Solomon Islands students studying in the Philippines that went viral on social media and attracted widespread debate and criticism.

The incident, as reported had actually put fear amongst other students also studying in the Philippines and their families back in the Solomon Islands.

In an online interview with Solomon Islands Students Association President in the Philippines, Charles Haamori, he explained that the student body no longer sees any immediate threat hanging over its students.

Meanwhile, referring to the Island Sun report on the incident, Mr Haamori also confirmed that a day after the incident (single student being threatened) it was reported to the local authorities and was later settled.

He further confirmed that following the reported matter, just for fear of further retribution by the locals, all Solomon Islands students at AMAQC were warned and urged to take extra precaution.

“But yes, the issue has been resolved and students are beginning to ease back into their normal routine of classes,” Haamori said.

He however reminded social media users that there is “truth” and there is also this other one which we like to call the “half-truth”.

“While it is appreciative of our people to keep those of us back home posted and updated on things, it also important not to overcook materials or information they put up, because that will only create confusions and fears, over what could not have been as bad or dire as some may perceived it to be.”

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development also shared similar sentiments and urged students in institutions throughout the Asia Pacific Region to maintain positive ambassadorship, being representatives of Solomon Islands around.

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