Social benefits of music training and participation in band concerts

DEAR EDITOR, following the successful fund raising concert on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, the chairman of the Honiara Band Association (HBA) assures live music band lovers in Honiara that they have plans to host more live concerts in the near future.

“Benjamin Afuga, made the statements when acknowledging the great support and working together towards the recent HBA 4 NRH live concert, which he described as a successful campaign.

“Mr Afuga said if any bands wants to participate should start and prepare and organise themselves ahead.

”He added the association has a lot of plans and big objectives for live performing bands in Honiara especially as part of its revival initiatives.” Source Solomon Star news.

I am pleased to read of this further initiative of the Honiara Band Association because those that like playing music, especially the younger members of the community, will find enjoyment from participating in the live music performances and aid better social cohesion.

In 1998 I initiated a programme of music training with help from the then members of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Band and was greatly encouraged by the wholehearted support of the many local youths willing to learn how to play the instruments they owned.

It was a great pity that the security situation that unfolded in late 1998 prevented the continuation of the training that heralded so much potential for good in the community.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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