Snail scare in Rarumana



PEOPLE of Rarumana, western province, are concerned with the spread of the pest – giant African snail, on their island.

It is believed that the slugs were transported to the island on board machineries belonging to a logging company operating there.

The machines reportedly arrived on the island early last week.

Villagers on Rarumana spoken to, say they are surprised at how fast the snail is spreading from the logging camp in which it was first spotted to surrounding areas.

They are calling on responsible authorities for help in eradicating the pest from their island.

A Mr Junior from Rarumana Village told Island Sun Gizo yesterday, “Villagers fear over the spreading, especially our local farmers who feared the giant African snail because the snail is rated among the most invasive species in the world.

“We are calling on Gizo Bio-security Division to quickly addressing the presence of snails otherwise they will spread and damage our food gardens and crops.

“Community elders are now concern over the fear of spreading and we are all doubts what will happen next if the snails spread all over Rarumana Village.”

When contacted Gizo Bio-security Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of the Western province yesterday said they have received reports on the matter and are working on it.

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