Smoking residents at Tulaghi to move inland

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SMOKING residents at Tulaghi are confirmed to move into a new plot of land allocated as work for a new domestic wharf there is soon to commence within July-August.

The Premier of Central Islands Province (CIP) Hon Patrick Vasuni and his Executive Government have met and passed the area of relocation just inland (upper hill) from Smoking area, confirming this to Island Sun yesterday.

A meeting was held over the weekend to inform Smoking’s resident’s in which locals contacted expressed their appreciation for the caring assistance provided by CIP’s provincial government.

Hon Vasuni said that a surveyor will be hired to do subdivisions before Smoking’s residents will be plotted into their land area provided.

The piece of lands to be subdivided are said to be within 15 to 20 square metres.

From humanitarian understanding is why the Premier’s Executive Government suggested arranging a piece of land upper hill of Smoking area for residents to move there under certain conditions.

“Though we are sorry for the force of relocation, we have to move on too with developments,” said Hon Vasuni.

“Residents at Smoking area have always been effective participants in the province activities so they deserve too to be relocated in a suitable environment for their livelihood.”

It is understood that the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) is to build the new domestic wharf for Tulaghi.

Families settling at Smoking area are islanders from different provinces who went to work at Tulaghi during when Solomon Taiyo and the National Fisheries Development (NFD) were operating in CIP.

The islanders continue to live and generate at Tulaghi amongst the former fishing companies left areas ever since after they left for relocation. One of the areas living within is at Smoking which was a place for smoking fish during the past.