‘Smoking Pilot’ continues duty, CEO Gebers urged to carry out discipline

Smoking pilot
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REPORT has it that the request by the Western and Choiseul Province Premiers for the ‘Smoking Pilot’ to be dealt with after the ‘U-turn’ incident at Taro airfield has been ignored by Solomon Airlines Management.

Instead of carrying out some measures of discipline, the Smoking Pilot now having a colourful record of involvement in issues against aviation laws in Solomon Islands, the Smoking Pilot has only resumed back to normal duties, reliable sources within the airlines informed.

Over such ignorance revealed, Western Province Premier Hon David Gina in support with Choiseul Province Premier Hon Watson Qoloni state that they do not accept the ‘Smoking Pilot’ to operate in Solomon Islands posing threat to the safety of their travelling passengers flying down to Western and Choiseul provinces.

Hon Gina expressed that the travelling passenger’s safety on board SolAir’s planes is very important as the type of attitudes now displayed is risky to lives.

“Western Province has many airstrips and our request for Solomon Airlines must be seriously considered and addressed. Our province continues to develop in terms of tourism and this is an area Solomon Airlines must seriously think on.”

Hon Gina urges SolAir’s CEO to must discipline pilots who do not abide with Aviation rules in the country and for a foreign pilot who is employed in Solomon Islands is no difference or above the law to not face disciplinary actions.

An attempt contacting Choiseul Province Premier yesterday was not possible however, it is understood that Choiseul is in line demanding Solomon Airlines to seriously deal with the ‘u-turn incident’ at Taro Airfield and if appropriate to remove the foreign pilot heading the Twin Otter during then risking lives of passengers.

This is before any more serious incident may occur in the future that will involve people’s lives after seeing that the dubbed ‘Smoking Pilot’ continues to be involved in serious incidents of the airlines being reported by the media.

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