Slow-down on national project lies on people: Feratelia


DEPUTY Provincial Secretary for the Malaita Provincial Assembly says slow- down on Malaita’s national projects lies on people – the owners.

Malaita’s Honiara residents celebrated their 35th 2nd Appointed Day this week in an open forum, religious and cultural performances which made the day more formal and fun at the same time.

During the formal part of the celebration the Deputy Provincial Secretary for Malaita Provincial Assembly Mr Robert Wales Feratelia address his observation why national projects to Malaita project slow down.

He said according to his observation blame is between people and that should not put on national and provincial government on slowing down national projects.

“We cannot lay the blame on the national government and provincial government for slow down on both national and provincial projects.

“The problem lies between and the element that lies between is the people—the purported owners.

“I see our development priorities must be put right.

“One of the key strategic areas in our quest for development in order to see progress and enhance socio-economic development on Malaita is our road network on Malaita.”

He said connectivity plays crucial role especially to the potential agriculture areas shield and secluded by thick rainforest and terrain into the hinterland of Malaita.

He explained this is a priority issue before Malaita could ever think of progressing with its prolonged national projects.

“Let us start afresh our projects with putting road networking first—the projects and road network should be done simultaneously.”

To make project work well on Malaita province, Feratelia appeals to leaders and people of Malaita to work together for common goals for years to come.

“I appeal to all of us to work together to achieve the most effective and efficient delivery of better services in Malaita in the next decade.

“If not did not place our priorities then we can shout from the distance until the cows come home, and we will never achieve our goals and objectives in the short, medium and long term.”

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