Sky Horse City Fast Food temporarily closed


HONIARA City Council (HCC) has clarified the closure of the Sky Horse City Fast Food at the City Centre until further notice.

This is due to the fast-food hub not meeting HCC’s hygiene standards.

The place had been closed for two weeks, and public who usually frequent the place had raised queries.

HCC says the temporary closure is to allow owners of the eatery to make improvements which would cater to required standards.

HCC Chief Health Inspector of Environment Health Division, Mr George Titiulu reassures customers that the place will be allowed to reopen once it satisfies HHC requirements.

“Sky Horse is temporary close, and now they have taken step ahead for improvement after they asked us for extending date and progress are seen,” Titiulu said.

“Despite HCC close down Sky Horse restaurant, they have taken initiative to improve their facilities which is good.”

Titiulu said HCC Environment Division has temporarily close eight fast food restaurants because they did not meet required standard.

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