SIWSAP helps Tuwo village with weather data system


Rachel from Tuwo village in Temotu. Photo from UNDP Solomon Islands.

UNITED Nation Development Programme (UNDP) has partnered with the Solomon Islands Government to install a new weather data system for the people of Temotu province.

The new weather data system supports the rural people of Tuwo village access accurate information about droughts and extreme weather.

Currently, Temotu is also among islands across Solomon Islands experiencing severe impacts of climate change especially sea-level rise which puts villagers on uncertainty mode.

According to UNDP Solomon Islands, the angry rising sea makes people of Tuwo village face an uncertain future.

UNDP through the Solomon Islands Water Sector Adaptation Project (SIWSAP), ‘Gud Wata Fo Strongem Komuniti Lo Evritaem’, has worked with the Tuwo village.

During the project, Rachel from Tuwo in Temotu shared experience saying the rising sea-level has made the young generation question their future because currently their homes are being threatened by climate change.

UNDP said the weather data system will help Tuwo adapt to the volatile climate but Rachel and her generation could be the last one to live there because of climate change.

Installing the system will support local fishermen avoid rough seas and help farmers optimise their harvest to avert food crises in the future.

Vulnerable communities like Tuwo may be remote, but now they get regular weather reports that are shaping their water usage and preparedness for climate change, the UNDP said.

The SIWSAP, “Gud Wata Fo Strongem Komuniti Lo Evritaem”, is funded by the GEF-Least Developed Countries Fund and implemented by the Water Resources Division of Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification with technical support from the United Nations Development Programme.

The project aims to improve the resilience of water resources to the impacts of climate change and improve health, sanitation and quality of life so that livelihoods can be enhanced and sustained in the targeted vulnerable areas.

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