SIWIMA to promote women in maritime Industry


THE soon to be established organisation, the Solomon Islands Women in Maritime Association (SIWIMA) eyes promoting the involvement of women in the maritime sector by creating a forum to advocate for policies that involve gender equity

According to Captain Tim Harris, when the organisation comes into power it will be focused on promoting women involvement in this male dominated industry.

This means recruiting of working personnel to work in this association will focus more on engaging women to carry out duties.

Interested women are encouraged to apply.

Harris explains that selections will depend very much on the individual female’s background qualifications.

The aim is to enable women trained alongside men to be able to acquire the high level of competence that the marine time industry demands.

And to ensure women to have the opportunity to purely rose in terms of standard and profiles in the maritime sector.

In relation he said having the perspective of involving women in this male dominated sector will create a platform for women to raise awareness in all levels of life regarding seafaring profession.

And as well as assist in conducting activities that will encourage women’s participation in shipping.

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