SIWIBA members urged to ‘uplift’ other women


SOLOMON Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA) Vice President on Wednesday said that members of SIWIBA should use their current advantageous state to uplift others.

Speaking to a roomful of women, Mrs Julie Haro said that she fully understands the struggle that each of the women have to go through to get to where they are now today, and it is their duty to encourage and mentor others to also come up good in whatever there are doing.

“Now you all have gotten the recognition you deserve and have become winners in your own right. Go out there and encourage more women to join our organization. Through what you have acquired and gain go forth and lend a helping hand to other women who are out there.”

Haro also emphasised that women should not be worried about their educational background but be content that knowledge they earn through their practicals are more than sufficient to make a difference in other people’s lives.

“Stop looking down on yourself and start putting to use the God given wisdom that we all process and the leaderships skills we are born with to make major effective changes within our communities today.”

Life is short so we should put to good use our time on earth and start impacting positive changes in people’s lives, say the SIWIBA Vice.

“We are not going to be remembered for how much money we make during our lifetime but instead people will talk about how much we have impacted and imprinted in their lives.

“Time is running and so we much take up this responsibility to help others, help SIWIBA and help this nation to become a success.”

Haro concludes by encouraging others to join up and work towards the economic empowerment of women.

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