Situation in Gizo under control: RSIPF   

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) assures the people of Western Province and the rest of the country that police is addressing the situation of the escape of 29 Bougainvilleans from police custody.

On Tuesday, members of the RSIPF intercepted 29 men allegedly from Bougainville in three boats near Vella la Vella Island in the Western province and took them into Gizo.

They were detained at Gizo police station overnight while police and immigration officers made checks on their immigration status.

Early this morning the men escaped from custody at the Gizo police station.

A taskforce of around 100 police officers are dedicated to this operation to ensure public safety and locate the men.

“The men were not arrested for criminal offences but were in custody under our immigration laws. While police were dealing with their immigration status, the men escaped. Additional police resources from Honiara including members of the RSIPF Police Response Team (PRT) and the two RSIPF patrol boats have been deployed to Western Province since the situation arose in the last couple of days. We have a large number of officers now searching widely for the men. The message is we want to safely return the men into custody because they are foreign citizens without proper immigration approval,” says Commissioner of Police, Matthew Varley.

“We appeal to any relatives or associates of the Bougainvilleans who may be in Gizo and surrounding villages to come forward with any information that they may have on the whereabouts of the men. The men do not have immigration approval to be in Solomon Islands and they must comply with our laws as a sovereign country.

“Police will conduct extra high visibility patrols in and around Gizo and I want to assure the community in the township that they are safe and the police will continue to monitor the situation. We will also work together with traditional leaders to resolve this matter peacefully and safely. We are also engaging extensively with community and church leaders to encourage the men to hand themselves in.”

The Bougainvilleans were allegedly attempting to travel to Gizo and Noro after what they believed was the suspicious death of a relative in Noro on February 6.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the Bougainvilleans should call Gizo Police Station on 60999 or the Police National Communication Centre on 23666 or toll free 999.


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  1. It is ambiguous notion to classify any difference between Bougainvillians from Solomon Islands, it is funny and ignorant to classify Bougainville as different from Solomon Islands. Check out any geography books and it stated it very clearly Bougainville is the largest islands in a group of Islands call Solomon Islands archipelago. The people of Choiseul/ shotland and Bougainville have a lot in common in terms of land, tribe, etc so why put a restriction. I wish the police of Honiara take a trip to Buka market. Part of the market is own by the People of langalanga, Lau, baelelea who sold their goods day out day in, these people not even relate or have any blood tied to the people of Buka or Bougainville. Checked out at Awara town you would find a lot of Malaitan been residing there for ages, what can you say about these? even some some of the Malaitan people are recruited in the Bougainville police force. So where can you draw your line if you are chasing after these people?.

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