SIPPA lauded for leading sexual,reproductive health services


MINISTRY of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) has praised Solomon Island Planned Parenthood (SIPPA) for taking the lead in sexual and reproductive health services in the country.

Minister for MHMS Dr Culwick Togamana lauded SIPPA on behalf of the Ministry.

Togamana said in sexual and reproductive health services throughout the country SIPPA has been one of the leading NGOs with its staff who are well trained, qualified midwives and registered nurses including trained health personnel.

“This will surely contribute to our efforts to achieve Strategic Objective number-3 of our National Strategic Plan that is to have equitable access to fully implemented, quality health care programmes,” he said.

Togamana said the Ministry also acknowledges SIPPA’s annual operational plans and policies which are well aligned to that of MHMS’s sexual and reproductive health policies and programmes.

“This will ensure better governance in the health sector. Improving governance in the health sector is one of the key Strategic Objectives in our 10-year National Health Strategic Plan 2022 -2031 launched last year.

“As per objective number two of the 10-year plan, which is our system and resources meet our needs and are responsibly managed, SIPPA has always been a champion especially when it comes to sharing of resources, workforce, services and finances,” he said.  

Togamana echoed the above statement at the recent sealing of a Memorandum of Understanding between SIPPA and MHMS on sexual and reproductive health services.

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