SIPC strategised to improve postal industry

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CHAIRMAN of SIPC (Solomon Islands Post Corporation) has unveiled it strategies to deal with the realities of postal industry in Solomon Islands.

The strategies framework has been factored in the SIPC 2017 – 2019 Statement of Cooperation Objectives (SCOs).

Chairman of Solomon Post Post-pay and Bibimoney Seminar chairman of SIPC (Solomon Islands Post Cooperation) Mr Robert Bokelema the SCOs spells out strategies which will deal with postal realities in Solomon Islands and also sets out Solomon Post’s policy, business objectives, strategies and activities over a 3 year period.

He said the objective to review the current business activities to achieve profitability is amongst the current business objective.

“In 2017 upgrading and improving of current money transfer system has been a priority for Solomon Host in order to meet a world class standard, simple and a system that will mitigate the needs of all citizens especially those living in the rural areas within the country.

“I has been noticed that access to financial institution has become a problem for government employees in the rural areas such as teachers, Health workers and Police officers who have long distances to pick up their salary at the provincial centres.

“But the establishment of the new programmes will again boost the Solomon Islands Postal industry in the future,” Bokelema said.

He said access to financial services in the country is difficult to achieve especially the low income people in communities hence a barrier to the government’s financial inclusion policy objectives.

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