SIPA takes delivery of SEACOM 45 feet roll trailers this month

Dutch-brand Temberg Tractors on display in Malaysia for SIPA executive. These workhorse cost around SBD4 million.

SOLOMON Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) takes delivery of special trailers for its tractors next Thursday.

These ‘tools’ are part of the nation’s oldest State- Owned Enterprise’s (SOE) multi-million dollar plant and equipment acquisition program estimated to be around $25 million.

The six (6) SEACOM 45ft roll trailers cost $1.5 million. Two three-tonne forklift are also due to arrive on Thursday 8 February. The tractors, which arrived last month, along with the trailers and forklift, will all be commissioned at the end of February.

These equipment form the backbone of SIPA’s new focus to improve service delivery particularly at our two international seaports. The specially designed terminal tractors, for example, would be used to transfer containers as they come off overseas ships at Point Cruz and Noro wharves.

The six units of the Dutch brand (yes Dutch brand, not German as previously reported), TERMBERG Brand Terminal Tractors, model YT220 cost SIPA about SBD4 million. The fleet arrived in Honiara two weeks ago.

Hugo Bogoro, SIPA’s Manager Operations (right) proudly shows off the new 200 tonne multi heavy lift spreader at the Point Cruz Wharf last December

Last December SIPA left no one in doubt it was serious about improving service delivery in particular, with backing from its Board, management and its workforce. It ended 2017 on a high note.

SIPA purchase the largest multi-purpose heavy lift in the South Pacific. Honiara is the only seaport to own and operate this monster of a machine in the entire Pacific region, according to the SIPA management.

Its purchase signalled the beginning of SIPA’s multi-million dollar investment and acquisition program to get the best for Honiara ports (Point Cruz) and Noro in Western Province.

Under the Management Team headed by Chief Executive Officer, Eranda Kotelawala, SIPA wasted little time as 2018 rolled in.

SIPA FORKLIFT due to arrive next Thursday 8 February2018

Apart from the arrival of the new equipment, SIPA Board and Management are expecting consulting engineers’ report. In it, are a number of areas to being highlighted for improvement, but which are already on the SIPA Management’s radar.

The report by the two Australian consultants is expected to be given to SIPA if not already, by this month.

While here last December, the Australian consultants also used part of their time to engage with all seaport users (stakeholders), including Honiara Agents of overseas ships as well as local ships’ operators and owners.

The exercise was intended to help SIPA focus on efficiency and improvement of service delivery in particular.

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