SIPA employees learn positive workplace partnership

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SOLOMON Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) employees learnt of positive workplace partnership yesterday at the Heritage Park hotel in Honiara.

Speaking in light of the topic Chris Elphick from Breadfruit Consulting and the facilitator of the topic said positive workplace partnership involves the working together of employers and unions to build positive workplace relationships.

He said this is in order to change, build capability and improve performances, worker contributions and the quality of the workplace for employees.

Elphick explained that partnership is about new employment relationships based on mutual gain.

“It is in the interests of both employers and union members for their workplace to excel in what it does and as a place of work. In a partnership there is something in it for all,” he said.

Elphick said in a true partnership conflict gets worked through in a way that preserves the non-going relationship.

He adds communications, active listening, joint problem solving, empathy, engagement and participation are keys to effective partnership.

“We need to change our old habits to work together for our mutual interest, not in our own position because effective workplace partnership needs respectful workplaces and smart workplaces,” said Elphick.