SINUSA president eligibility questioned

By Mike Puia

OUTSPOKEN man, Mr Robert Mani, has come out questioning the legality of Reginald Ngati’s presidency of the Solomon Islands National University Students Association (SINUSA).

Mr Ngati has been making headlines leading students on a sit-in protest.

They are demanding the SINU Council to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will address issues they have raised with the university’s management.

SINUSA claimed that the SINU Council has refused to sign the MOU resulting in the protest being dragged to this week.

Mani claims Ngati’s presidency is illegal as he is not a full time student of the institution.

“Ngati is a Distance Flexible Learning (DFL) student therefore he is disqualified to be president,” Mani said.

He claimed Ngati is been used by a politician to shake the institution and it has a bad effect on students.

Mani claimed Ngati is employed by a Member of Parliament and they are advancing a political agenda using the institution.

He appealed to students not to easily “fall into a trap”.

Ngati was not reached last night for comments but those close to him confirmed Ngati is firm that he is qualified to the SINUSA’s presidency position.

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