SINU refutes students’ claims

By Gary Hatigeva

THE office of the Vice Chancellor of the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) has denied claims made against them over what have been highlighted to be issues affecting students and the manner in which the issues were handled including the termination of eight students.

In a lengthy statement, the office of the Vice Chancellor outlined in point form, listing three issues highlighted by the students, which they completely denied and concluded with claims that the issues reported are a cover up from the students part to escape from what they described as, “mess created for themselves” (students).

The statement added that the SINU management finds the attitude of the group dubious and unreasonable in their demands and allegations.

It further added that the SINU Management also notice them keep changing their demands and allegations every time they go to the media.

“First, they question the PVCC’s authority in declaring their election null and void. When he explained to them the reasons, they came up with more allegations.

“Although this group of 8 students had called a strike and a boycott, their attempt was an absolute failure because no students or SINU staff joined the strike and the attendance of students during the last [two] weeks in all [five] schools and academic and non-academic staff have been 100 [percent],” the SINU statement claimed.

However, when contacted last night, the former SINUSA President, Reginald Ngati refuted the institute’s explanations and clarifications on the issues, stressing that the group stood by their claims against the management and that they (SINU Management) have been mishandling the matter all along.

With the statement highlighting the management’s views, claiming the illegitimacy of the student body’s executive, the terminated students however questioned and pointed out that the SINU management had failed to tell the public, what grounds their election as the executive was null and void.

“Just because we started talking out and digging into matters concerning the student body, the management decided we were illegal?”

Ngati also responded to the clarifications on the calls for dialogue, claiming that the SINU Management statement is actually the other way round.

“They actually refused to meet with us after arrangements were made by the Police for a combined meeting following two sets of separated meetings with the two parties,” Ngati further claimed.

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