SINU reaches out to schools in Malaita

Students of Kilusakwalo Christian CHS listening to SINU presentation.

A team from SINU’s Marketing & Promotions department last week visited schools in Malaita for a careers talk.

The team was promoting the National University at the recent Yam Festival organised and held in South Malaita and later visited schools around Auki.

The schools visited were: Rokera PSS, Aligegeo PSS and Kilusakwalo Christian CHS.

The Talk was mainly focusing on developments our National University is currently under-taking in both academic and infrastructure projects.

Also highlighted in the Talk were the application procedures and requirements for 2019 admission.

About 300 application forms were distributed to students during the talk.

SINU’s application for 2019 admission will close on October 26, 2018.

The officers also revealed some of the common mistakes by applicants which resulted in unsuccessful application; the most common and very serious mistake is forging of academic transcripts.

Intending students must realise that this is a really bad practice and SINU will never accept students who falsify their academic records.

Students of Rokera PSS posing with their SINU bags after the presentation.

The second most common mistake is form 5 leavers applying directly for our diploma programmes instead of the certificate programmes and forms 6 arts students applying for the nursing programme.

The officers then explained to students the possible pathways of getting successful admission to the National University.

Students and Staff of the schools visited all expressed their gratitude and thanked SINU for the unique opportunity their students got in getting informed.

Deputy Principal of Kilusakwalo CHS highlighted that this is the first time his students received such Talk and it is very-very helpful.

“We welcome such talk for our students in the future,” he concluded.


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