SINU nursing students stopped from training at Kira Kira Hospital

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Nursing students from the Solomon Islands National University’s School of Nursing have reportedly been stopped from attending further training attachments at the Kira Kira Hospital, the Provincial Hospital of the Makira Ulawa Province.

The School of Nursing Faculty of SINU had reportedly taken the action after receiving highly confidential reports from Kira Kira Hospital that the nursing students attached to the hospital last year were harassed and often were taken out for alcohol drinking sprees.

Verbal reports say staff of SINU School of Nursing Faculty had decided to blacklist Kira Kira Hospital as a practical training arena because they feel their students’ learning had been disturbed.

A number of Kira Kira Hospital staff spoken to, confirm the claims have elements of truth, adding they damage the province’s reputable good name.

By George Atkin

Kira Kira