SINU halts SIG students from registration

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SOLOMON Islands National University has halted Government funded students from registering, it is reported.

As SINU begins its registration for this year, students under SIG scholarship are not allowed to register, both continuing and new ones.

From last week and this week, many government sponsored students were sent home because of government’s outstanding tuition fee with SINU last year.

SINU has made such move because the government has a massive outstanding tuition fee with the institution.

Speaking with the Students Association President Mr Reginald Ngati, he said many of the affected students are those under MP scholarship.

Ngati said SINU is putting their registration on hold until government fixes its outstanding tuition fees.

He said as a body established to man student’s welfare they are calling on the current government to address their issue.

“All government sponsored student, SINU now did not allow them to register, and they demand government must paid half or full tuition fee from last year including this new semester,” Ngati said.

He said it is important that student must continue with their academic, and SINU needs that money for its financial year as well.

“They need that money before student can come for registration, so every ongoing students will have to wait upon the government, and lot of SIG sponsored student were send because of this,” he adds.

Ngati said this kind of issue are unfair to students where government should consider.

“To me it’s two thing, either government continue sponsoring student or close your scholarship so that student are not affected in their education,” he adds.

Ngati said the SINUSA will continue to monitor the situation purposely to ensure government and SINU come into resolution for students to continue with their academic.


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