SINU begins addressing student welfare issues  



Acting Vice Chancellor (centre) with two contractors after signing their contracts to refurbish dining halls and dormitories in Panatina and Kukum campuses on May 23

SOLOMON Islands National University will start refurbishment its dining hall and dormitories at the Panatina and Kukum campuses today.

SINU’s Acting Vice Chancellor Prof Basil Marasinghe said amenities for students have already been improved, including the student dormitory at the Ranadi Campus which had been abandoned for years.

He said SINU administration has purchased new beddings for student dormitories.

Marasinghe adds that the university’s computer facility have been improved; SINU is now with 12 computer labs.

He said when he arrived three years ago, dormitories were running at less than 30 percent capacity. However, now dormitories are at 100 percent with the university ordering 750 extra beds.

He explained main reasons for this high occupancy is introduction over 30 new academic programmes include 10 Bachelor programmes.

“Most of the Bachelor’s degrees commenced two years ago are four years of duration and in two years time when we have students from 1st to 4th years; we will need even more dormitories.

“All these developments commenced during the last 24 months in spite of limited funds.”

Solomon Islands Government has drastically cut down the development grant from $50 million to $10 million this year.

He said from 2013 to 2015 no significant infrastructure activity took place.

But, now SINU is booming with infrastructure development, one of which is the world-class fisheries complex at the Ranadi campus.

One eye-opening infrastructure that will change the face of SINU is the education complex in Panatina Campus, he said.

The complex constructed by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation has cost Solomon Islands Government over $130 million, and will be completed by May 2019.

The science research complex in the Kukum Campus construction commenced in September 2017 will be ready by next month.

With these developments, Marasinghe said there are a number of other infrastructure projects nearing completion which the students and staff will benefit.

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