SINU bans selling and chewing of betel-nut on campuses


SOLOMON Islands National University (SINU) has now banned chewing and selling of betel-nut on campus, according to its senior management committee.

The Senior Management Committee of SINU announces, “University wished to inform students, staffs and public that sale and consumption of betel-nut is banned on SINU campuses with immediate effect.

“Chewing of betel-nut is not permitted in SINU buildings, classrooms, corridors or grounds except in few secluded areas around the campuses.”

Implementation of this will be guided by SINU security officers and any violation may attract stern warning or fine on the spot – fine amount still to be confirmed.

At the moment, notice and awareness have already been conducted in social and print media.

A SINU media statement reiterates that the institution builds its values and principles on excellence and quality to providing excellent and high quality teaching, learning, skills training, and research.

SINU also encourages and promotes creative ideas and solutions to existing and new challenges and committed to providing relevant teaching, learning, skills, training and research that meets diverse community needs at present and in the future.

Furthermore, SINU is inclusive regardless of physical, political, gender, ethnic, religious or other differences, values mutual respect that encourages a sense of community.

Additionally to creates and empowers future leaders and uses resources with respect for the environment and human well-being.

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