SINU and University of Utah sign MOU


Prof Marasinghe shaking hands with Prof Loius Barrows after the signing of the MOU

SOLOMON Islands National University and University of Utah from the United States signed a Memorandum of Understanding yesterday.

SINU and University of Utah (UU) are eyeing establishing a cooperative research relationship through mutual interests in the areas of researching biodiversity of the Solomon Islands and to enhance the academic and cultural exchange between the two institutions.

UU and SINU each has a mandate to undertake scientific research with the objective of promoting use of scientific research and achievement of high standards of education and research.

Cooperation between the parties will greatly increase benefits to each respective institution’s research and further benefit scientific research in the Solomon Islands, the State of Utah, the United States of America, and the world.

SINU has an interest in developing research capabilities in natural products research and drug development towards sustainable use and management of SI’s biodiversity.

UU has capabilities and expertise in a broad range of advanced technologies and capabilities in the field of natural products research and drug discovery.

UU and SI researchers wish to access the genetic material of the biodiversity of SI for purposes of basic scientific research related to drug discovery, biodiversity sciences, and climate change.

Both universities wish to promote relationship among scientists and scientific institutions in the SI and the US.

It is purposely improve education and infrastructure in SI in scientific research and biodiversity prospecting, and create opportunities for conservation of SI’s biodiversity.

In addition the MOU look at sustainable development of country’s natural resources, and encourage commercial development of the results of these efforts.

Acting Vice Chancellor Prof Basil Marasinghe said, “This MOU will benefit two universities, and in particular our staff undertaking postgraduate studies in the field of biodiversity, bioprospecting, environment, and biological research.”

Professor Louis Barrows from University UTAH arrived in Honiara on Sunday with a copy of the MOU signed by the President of UUTAH.

Professor Basil Marasinghe, Acting Vice Chancellor of SINU signed yesterday while Prof Barrows and Professor Prem Rai (SINU) signed as witnesses.

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