SIMSA plans to introduce maritime sexual harassment policy


SIMSA’s director Captain Tim Harris

THE Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Association (SIMSA) plans to introduce a maritime sexual harassment policy through its constitution.

SIMSA’s director Captain Tim Harris said having this policy will make the maritime industry in the country safe especially for women to venture into this profession, because plans to be inclusive is underway as well.

Mr Harris explained that this is to construct ways and means to be able to bring complaints to the system regarding sexual harassment issues and to make this industry attractive to Solomon Islands females.

He said that seafarers have been a good profession for Solomon Islands’ women because ships travel daily from island to island during ship voyage which is safe for women seafarers.

“But we got to be careful because different situations took place at times hence the putting together of this policy is planned,” Harris said.

He adds, plans for this policy had been done before but was not pursued to fruition.

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