‘SIMSA did not disapprove Vaka Motor’

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SOLOMON Islands Maritime safety Administration (SIMSA) clarifies that they have not specifically disqualified Ngella’s vessel through its Act or Regulations.

In fact, they are still waiting for the famous ‘Vaka Motor’ shipowner to go forward and have the vessel registered with the Authority.

SIMSA’s clarification comes as a response to a statement from a heavy debate currently on Ngella’s famous social media forum ‘The Ngella Forum’ (NGF) over the purchased ship for Ngella Constituency stating that the reason as to why the vessel is not servicing the province is because the marine disapproved of it to operate as a cargo or passenger vessel.

According to SIMSA, waiting for the shipowner to go forward and have the vessel registered with the Authority is so that they can permit its operation whether as a cargo or cargo/passenger vessel.

“Those representing shipowner approaching this office soon after launching CIP’s vessel have been clearly guided on the process and requirement of registration however to date, the vessel remains to be placed on the Ship Register meaning not yet being registered,” said SIMSA.

To watch out for, SIMSA gives the warning that if the ‘Vaka Motor’ is seen operating, then its operation is illegal.

From inside sources of Ngella Constituency’s Office, response revealed that Ngella’s Constitution Office is aware of the Marine laws and such and since having problems with its test runs and not yet fully facilitated with marine requirements is why the ‘Vaka Motor’ is not yet registered.

Another Parliament term heading to conclusion and Ngella’s famous accused ‘Vaka Motor’ is pointed to have never served its Constituency at all.

This time striking debate over the ‘Vaka Motor’ again after two years since its existence, it is demanded for the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ngella Constituency Hon Bartholomew Parapolo to tell the truth once and for all over the exact amount of the little double engine landing craft speedboat.

With response over this demand, sources within Ngella’s Constitution Office replied standing ground that “Ngella Constituency bought the ‘Vaka Motor’ for $4.5 Million from Oceanic Marine.

“It is not like the Constituency Office went and bought it with hard cash, what Ngella Constituency’s Office only did was to go and collect the ‘Vaka Motor’ after all arrangements were done through the government,” said Ngella’s Constituency’s Office.

Attempts to contact the Director of the Central Project Implementation Unit (CPIU) Division under the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) was not possible yesterday to further query on the actual amount of the ‘Vaka Motor’.

However, SIMSA’s opinion going in line with many Ngella Constituents has it too that the $4.5 Million amount purchased on Ngella’s vessel can easily be determined whether or not justifiable worth the vessel and its equipment.