SIG takes steps to create opportunities for youths


PM Rick Houenipwela.

THE Government of Solomon Islands is now taking steps to create innovative employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people through-out the country.

Solomon Islands’ population comprises of more than 50 percent young people who do not have adequate employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

Consequently from this gap, Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela said young people are not able to contribute effectively to our country’s economic development.

However there are greenlights with Solomon Islands Democratic Coalition for Change Government through Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs introducing a Youth Policy.

Hou said this year his government will introduce a new Youth Empowerment Policy to drive youth employment and entrepreneurship in the country.

He said such framework also include programs for leadership training, sports, arts and drama and many other areas of interest to country’s youth population.

Hou also adds that he personally seeking five countries overseas for labour mobility agreements with an aim to enhance employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for youths in the country.

“In addition to enhancing employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for youths in the country, I am personally seeking to put in place formal labour mobility agreements with several countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and Taiwan,” he said.

“I hope will help provide huge opportunities for our youths and alleviate the youth unemployment challenges in our country,” he said.

On the other hand, the Prime Minister urges the country to gather efforts purposely to support women in business initiatives and programs as well as strive for gender equality in leadership positions.

“We must seek and put in place mechanisms to increase women representation in our Parliament that are equitable,” he said.

From last year and throughout this year, Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs are working on the three tiers National Youth Policy which look at addressing youth issues.

The new three tiers National Youth Policy include, Solomon Islands National Youth Policy, Youth Development Framework and Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship strategy.

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