Sifoni: MARA remains solid

Deputy Premier, Sifoni
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MALAITA’S deputy premier Randol Sifoni has outrightly dismissed Alfred Sasak’s Solomon Star’s front-page story that asserts “Premier Suidani’s trip to Taiwan could bring his own downfall”.

The article claimed the Executive is looking at replacing Premier Suidani.

“This is a false story and has no truth in it,” Sifoni said.

“This is nothing but a headline story to please someone else’s agenda,” he added.

“As for the MARA Malaita Provincial Government, we are behind our premier from day one.

“And in this matter, the Executive has given him all the support the premier needed at a time that is challenging for him, his family, and Malaita Province.”

Sifoni also stated the MARA Executive is unmoved by “any rhetoric from anyone more so from the author of the story”.

“It is plain and clear that what Sasako is alleging is totally false, shameful, and has not got even an ounce of truth in it.”

The deputy premier further stated that what is publicly known about Sasako is that he is a desparate man and has lost touch with reality, especially the realities of Malaita Province.

“Sasako should stop politicizing our premier’s medical trip.

“Anybody who does not appreciate others that have given support during times of sickness and hardship can only be described as someone belonging to the demonic world.

“That would be an appropriate description befitting such ignorant and arrogant behavior.

“How could a trip for someone’s life that is supported on humanitarian grounds make any backfires to a political government?

“Anyone who has that thought in his brain showed an inhuman approach to the premier’s health and medical wellbeing.

“Let it be known to Sasako that the premier didn’t choose to be sick, he has a duty to the people he represents to try to stay healthy.

“In any case, his trip has not cost the province or the government anything. Thank you, Taiwan for her help towards our premier.

“All that has been written in the story are liars and that nothing is true about it.”

Sifoni warns Sasako to refrain from “making baseless stories like this”.

“Sasako’s uneducated knowledge about provincial government and assembly matters clearly showed he is far from reality.

“He should know that the failed motion last year against Premier Suidani that he was said to have involved in means there could not be any further motions of no confidence for the next 12 months.

“The motion of no confidence on Premier was in October last year and counting from October last year any new motion has to be after October this year 2021.

“There is no way a motion of no confidence could be staged anytime from now as alleged by Sasako.

“This is a requirement of the Provincial Government Act and no executive and assembly would do anything about it until after October 2021.”