SIEC prepares for Western and Choiseul elections



ACTING Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission, Freddrick Bosoboe says they are preparing for provincial elections in the Western and Choiseul provinces.

The CEO told the local media during a press conference in Auki that they are working on updating the voters’ list for the two provinces.

“Currently, we are working on the voter’s registration for Western and Choiseul provinces in preparation for their provincial elections,” he said.

Bosoboe said the two provincial assemblies were dissolved on June 13th 2022, and due to funding difficulties, elections which were supposed to be held straight after dissolvement were delayed.

He explained that as per the provision under the Provincial Government Act (PGA) the requirement is on the day after their four-year ends, elections are supposed to be held.

Bosoboe said the PGA clearly states that provincial assemblies are to be dissolved on the day before provincial elections are to be held.

He said Provincial governments don’t have windows like the national government where four months is given between the day of dissolvement to the day of election.

 He said the Honiara City Council (HCC) had also adopted a similar approach to the provincial governments.

Bosoboe said this is the issue that they face with elections for Western and Choiseul provinces, however they are behind with the elections scheduled for December 2022.

He said as long as they complete the voter’s registration update for the two provinces they will go straight into their election.

Bosoboe said other provinces that are close to dissolutions are Malaita, Isabel, Rennell & Bellona, Guadalcanal and Central provinces on 11th June 2023.

Honiara City Council will dissolve on May 2023.

On the same note, he mentioned their preparation for the next National General Election which will be in 2024.

“As everyone is aware, recently the national government has passed an amendment to the constitution to defer the National General Election.

“So, at the moment, one of our immediate tasks is to abide with the financial requirement of the government in terms of financing and budgeting of the office for the next fiscal year.

“And due to the deferment of the election, we started reviewing our plans and activities in preparation for the national election,” Bosoboe said.

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