SIEC gives registrants a chance to revert registration

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THE Office of the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission has noticed that there has been a very high number of voters transferring themselves to new constituencies.

The Electoral Commission has also noticed that voters who have registered themselves by way of transfer may not necessarily be eligible to vote in the constituencies they are registering to, because a large number of them came by way of truck or ship transportation and return immediately to wherever they came from after registration.

In a statement, SIEC encourages registrants who have been influenced to register in a constituency they are not living in, to take appropriate steps to correct their registration details.

Remember it is an offence for giving false/misleading information to register in any constituency that you are not actually eligible to vote at.

The Electoral Commission is sympathetic to voters have been wrongly incited to register elsewhere from the places they are eligible to vote at.

The Commission would like to advise all voters who have transferred themselves knowingly they are not eligible to vote in the new constituency, to please go back to a Voter Registration Centre in the constituency you are eligible to vote at where you are eligible and fill another Form B and transfer back your details to the constituency you are eligible to vote at.

This category of voters must correct their details by September 27, 2018.

The decision was made to ensure registrants correct their details within the BVR period.

“If you think, your registration was influenced resulting in you registering in a different constituency, there is limited time left to go and revert your registration to the constituency you are residing in and eligible to register and vote in.”

The opportunity to revert registrations is only allowed during the registration period which ends on September 27.

SIEC said the opportunity is vital to avoid the risk of names being removed during the Omission and Objection phase if one registers in a constituency they are not eligible to vote at.

SIEC encourages people to register where they reside and eligible to vote.

The Commission reminded people who are yet to register to do so before September 27, when the BVR exercise was scheduled to end.