SIEA to light up Supizae Island


RESIDENTS on Supizae Island in Choiseul Province will soon enjoy electricity.

Teo Electrical Company which won the bid to connect the power line from Taro to Supizae is currently on the ground doing feasibility studies and erecting power lines.

In an interview with SunGizo, Aquila Kiroto Karani, who supervises the ground work said his team had already completed part of the task last week.

“We have identified how the main line and LV line going to run through the village.

Boys sitting on some of the polls

“I also engage community members in digging holes for the post line – An idea which based on giving back to host community the benefits of the project,” he said.

Karani said 25 boys from Honiara some of whom have technical experts with local boys have been engaged to complete the task.

An employee tries out the floater

He said the job is very difficult as there is no existing infrastructure like roads to transport the poll.

“There are challenges but with creativity we slowly overcome some of the challenges.

“We use floaters to transport the polls. We create a bed with floaters, put the polls on the beddings and our boys swim with the polls to the venue identified to erect the polls.

“Transporting 106 polls is very difficult but I’m confident that we will complete what is required before the due date,” Karani said.

Aquila Kiroto Karani at Supizae

He said, the project will due in 66 days but he believe the task will be completed before the contract’s expiry date.

Deputy Provincial Secretary, Nelson Tanito said Choiseul province welcomes the development as it will bring great benefit to not only Supizae residence but also the province.

Workers try to float the floaters to transport the polls

“Some of our staffs lives on the Island and this project will surely help our staffs to enjoy their living and also work performance.

“We are very supportive of the project and will render needed support to make sure the project is completed,” he said.

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