RSIPF review team meets Taro Police

Choiseul Police had a muster with the border review team led by Assistant Commissioner (AC) of Police National Capital and Crime Prevention (RSIPF COVID-19 Operation Commander) Simpson Pogeava on May 24, 2021.

“We are here for the purpose of what you officers here in Taro, Gizo and Honiara have done for this country in relation to the border security as we try to fight against this COVID-19 disease,” says Pogeava.

“The objective of this review is to make sure that we are cost effective as we all know that this border operation had deployed with a lot of resources.”

Speaking at the musters Assistant Commissioner (AC) National Operation Everlyn Thugea says, “We understand that this pandemic has been affecting us for a year now and who knows how long it will take. However, reviewing of this operation is very essential as we look into what needs to be done, what  improvement needed and what has to be maintained in order to keep up and to step forward into the level of securing our borders.”

Taro police officers during the muster ceremony

“We are well aware how easily COVID-19 could transmit and with a great initiative done to create contingency plans by the deployed Police Response Team (PRT) to Taro. I believe it will assist if there is any positive case arise within our work environment or in the community to protect our families and us. We have to apply precautionary measures at all times as advised by the health experts to protect us.

“It has truly a miles stone for the RSIPF even though we are just a supporting agency to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS). We have done a lot and am so proud of you by taking part in this operation. Because of your commitments no cases of COVID-19 have entered into our shore through our borders.

“I want to thank the communities in Choiseul Province for assisting police officers with their daily mandated jobs, especially for supporting them in working together during these trying times.

Team leader of the PRT deployed to Taro raising issues during the muster ceremony

“I want to acknowledge you police officers for the comments and recommendations raised with feedback. It will assist us on how we will plan this operation and how we can manage either in the short or long term as operation continues on,” says Thugea.


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