SICCI acknowledge Pasifiki HR’s disabilities database for employment

Strongim Bisnis representatives, Managing Director Pasifiki HR, Mr Bob Pollard and staff at Pasifiki HR. Photos: SICCI Media.
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The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) acknowledges one of its members, Pasifiki HR for a new service they have introduced which will provide employment support for people living with disabilities.

This new service was recently launched during SICCI’s latest Business After 5 (BA5) networking event on Friday 6 August, 2021.

Pasifiki HR, which has over 20 years’ experience in employment and human resource consultancy services in the country, is currently working with Strongim Bisnis in developing a database for people living with disabilities.

Pasifiki HR’s People Manager, Alphea H Tufah introducing the new service for people with disability during the BA5 event.

“Basically, what this new service involves is that we work with training institutions that train people living with disability and disability organisations to source people with skills,” Pasifiki HR’s People Manager, Alphea H Tufah, said.

“We will have this database that we are going to register them on and then we will work with employers on giving them work experience,” she added. “If any employer is interested in employing them then we are happy to support them in that aspect as well.”

“We look forward to having more employers come forward and support our people who are living with disabilities,” Mrs Tufah said.

People living with disabilities make up 10% of the country’s population that is being excluded from economic activities.

Mr. Tim Lawther, Business Partnership Director at Strongim Bisnis, said to quantify the issue in Solomon Islands, the skills, talents and efforts of in excess of 50,000 people are not being utilised.

“The opportunity cost for allowing this to go on unchecked is too great,” he said.

Mr. Lawther have spent five years working with the national disabled people’s organisation in Timor-Leste on economic inclusion and market development projects.

He said by addressing this we are doing so on moral and economic grounds.

Pasifiki HR Managing Director, Mr Bob Pollard delivering his remarks during the Business After 5 event.

“Data shows that people with disability are loyal and committed employees. The unfortunate reality is that many of them are afforded fewer opportunities to actively participate in the economy, so when they do, they don’t waste the chance.

“Pasifiki HR have proven themselves to be pioneers in improving employment of people with disability. They are presenting market solutions that Strongim Believes have a good chance of sustained success – changing the nature of the labour market,” Mr Lawther said.

He said Strongim Bisnis will share in the risk of this new venture for both Pasifiki HR and the employers who engage them.

Jessica Kuve of Pasifiki HR presenting on one of their services during the Business After 5 event.

Strongim Bisnis will be offering subsidies to employers who take on employees (people living with disabilities), as well as tied grants for workplace accessibility modifications. Pasifiki HR will be building a database of jobseekers with disability, including their specific skills – presenting a strong pool from which employers can draw.

The Team at Pasifiki HR also took the opportunity to present to SICCI members at the Business After 5 event other services they are currently offering including vacancy advertisement, source and supply employees, referral services, full recruitment, payroll, and diagnostic testing.

The Business After 5 event is the largest business networking event in the country providing the opportunity for SICCI members to network with other likeminded individuals in the business community.

-SICCI Media