SI and United States celebrate 76th Anniversary of WWII

Remembering when the 1st US Marines arrived on Guadalcanal on 7th August 1942
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SOLOMON Islands joined the United States of America on Tuesday to celebrate the 76th Anniversary in remembrance of the sacrifices in the Battle of Guadalcanal.

The programme culminated in the laying of wreaths and presentation of awards to recognise the service of special individuals.

On every August 7, Solomon Islands joins the US to commemorate the Battle of Guadalcanal.

Tuesday’s event convened delegations from the US who arrived on August 6, Solomon Islands’ government representative, dignitaries and civil society organisations in the country.

H.E Governor General Sir Frank Kabui and Lady Grace Kabui.

Additionally, the occasion also commemorated one-year of the country’s national park at Bloody Ridge after last year’s declaration, including awarding of medals to country’s coastwatchers and scouts during WW11.

Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela said Solomon Islands today enjoy the price of countrymen who sacrificed their lives for the peace and tranquility of our land.

“As we commemorate the 76th anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal, we are reminded of the sacrifices by the brave allied soldiers, in harsh tropical conditions invested with diseases, for the cause of freedom and liberation.

“On this very soil, hundreds of brave men selfishly gave their lives, and this is why we are able to stand here— 76 years later, we enjoy the peace and tranquility of our land.”

Remembering when the 1st US Marines arrived on Guadalcanal on 7th August 1942

He said as Solomon Islanders, their acts of bravery ought to be remembered and celebrated today and in the future.

“It is because of their ultimate sacrifice that we are able to celebrate 76 years of continued peace, and indeed so must we continue to celebrate Peace in the years to come.”

Houenipwela assures that Solomon Islands will always continue to advocate for peace.

He said WWII’s experiences teach Solomon Islands to appreciate peace and freedom, and advocate for peaceful co-existence in the global community.

PM Hou Lay’s wreath in commemoration of US Marines at Skyline Memorial.